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Mary's Origami



I am a paper artist, currently residing in Tallahassee, Florida.


Origami is my hobby, my purpose, and a way for me to express myself. I grew up in Korea and was surrounded by paper works all my life. I learned that with just paper and scissors, I could create an infinite amount of artwork by playing with the different colors and textures.

I started learning the advanced Origami in 1995 and became a certified instructor and a member of the Korean Origami Association. I built an art collection including jewelry, 2-D wall art, and 3-D objects. All these products were made by paper-folding, paper-twirling, paper-cutting, paper-molding, and many other means.


Origami, Paper Mache, Paper Quilting, Shadow Box, Paper Sculpture, Paper Jewelry, Hanji Paper Craft

For Paper Jewelry, they are all made of origami paper, Japanese washi paper or rice paper. In some cases, I paint a paper with acrylic first. I fold the paper into the desired shape using the tweezers and a needle. Then I attach the folded paper to the metal frame or wood frame or even no frame at all. For some of the metal frames, I go to Korea to design them at the production studio. As a final touch, I apply the polymer sealant followed by shellac to make it firm, glossy and water-resistant.